Sunday, February 1, 2015

Beach House - and a Safe Arrival in Arizona

Beach House
Oil on canvas, 10x10

This is the second of the six paintings I made late last year for a young collector. She had a great idea for a group of pieces - and it was a joy to make them, and to see the project come together. You can see the first piece, Seagulls, by clicking here.  

I loved making these paintings, and even before that, thinking about them, planning them, searching for photos, contemplating the project as individual pieces and as a whole. It was a great opportunity. I'll post the collection after I've shared all six pieces with you. 


AFTER MANY DAYS of driving, for the start of the Origins Painting Trip, I arrived at Dad and Paula's house in Tubac, Arizona, on Wednesday. The drive was blessedly uneventful, free of snow and ice and even rain. I did spend one night in a quite dicey hotel, but that was just about the worst part of the trip. 

I drove down the coast to Jacksonville, and then turned west. As I drove, winter receded, and spring showed up, in the red tips of tree branches, in the greening of fields, in the warming of the mornings and the lengthening of the days. 

I drove, and I thought about life and family and friends and painting. I thought about how to paint all the landscapes I saw, how to match the colors; handle the brushy undergrowth of Florida; the broad, flat browns of Texas; the blue mountains rising from the increasingly reddening earth. 

Peter always says I come back from these trips painting better than ever. I think it's because I spend so much time just looking at the landscape, and thinking about painting. 

Here's me, just arrived at Dad and Paula's

Dog of the Day

IT'S ABBY, in a very cool photo taken by my very cool husband. 
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