Thursday, February 5, 2015

Beachscape - and Nice Weather for a Show

Oil on canvas, 10x10

I love the clouds in this beachscape, and also the foam on the crashing waves. This is one of the six paintings I made for a young collector, who had a great idea for a project for the stairway in her home. I had a great time making the six pieces! I felt honored to be asked to make paintings for such a rich project. 


I'M OUT IN Tubac, Arizona, visiting my dad and Paula, and participating in the Tubac Arts Festival, which started on Wednesday, and, after the show painting on the Origins Painting Trip. 

Last year, the weather during the show was cold and raw - this year, the first day dawned sunny and warm - even hot! - and there were lots and lots of people. I had a sale the first day, which certainly made me happy. 

Here's my booth: 

Dog of the Day

In this photo by my husband, Peter Jacobson, Jojo (front) and Smokey get Abby on the ground in a brawling playfight last week. They all love this! 

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