Friday, May 15, 2015

Oscar - and a Grand Barter

Oil on canvas, 20x20

I was on the edge of sleep last night when something close to panic set in, yanked me awake and kept me there for hours. 

Today is set-up day for the Stockley Gardens Art Festival in Norfolk. (The show is Saturday and Sunday, 10-5 and noon-5 respectively. Click here for more info).  Then, on Thursday, I leave for New England and the Paradise City Art Festival in Northampton, MA - and, I realized, as I was falling asleep, it's also the day I leave for shows in Cincinnati, Omaha and Columbus. 

And this is what slapped me into wakefulness. Do I have enough paintings? Will I be able to paint on the road? Do I have enough canvases to paint on the road? Have I finished all my commissions? Will I be able to finish them by Thursday? How will I pack the van? Have I made reservations, filled out forms, done all the stuff I need to do? 

Usually, I can quiet my mind. Last night, I couldn't, and it was hours and hours before I could get to sleep. It will be an exciting time, I know, and it will be fun, this big Midwest Swing - but it's not without its moments. 

Bartering Babes

ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHTS of the show at Crozet last weekend was bartering with Judy, above. She walked by me, wearing the most beautiful loose, flowered patchwork blouse. I remarked on it and asked her if she'd trade for a couple small paintings - and she said yes! So here we are, above, with our bartered treasures. What fun! 

Dog of the Day

After meeting Alison Thomas online at Art Fair Insiders, I've had the good fortune to meet her in person. She's a wonderful photographer/digital artist who lives in Louisa, VA, out near Charlottesville. You can see her art at her website, Serenity Scenes (click here) 

Alison has been doing shows for many years, and like so many other artists, has answered my questions and given me innumerable tips and insights on the whole process. 

Little Foot is one of two sister cats who were born under Alison's house, to a feral mama cat. 

Want your pet to be the Dog of the Day? Send a jpg to me at

A Final Thought

"I invent nothing. I rediscover."

- Auguste Rodin

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