Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Little Kingfisher

Little Kingfisher / Oil on black canvas / 5x7 / $68 including shipping

THIS VERY QUIET early-pandemic life, uninterrupted by people, by visitors, by society, this is the kind of life that Peter often lived, I realized this morning. 

When I was home, of course, there was the noise and the clutter and the colors and the TV and the music and the gabbing and squawking and tweeting that is me. There were the people I invited over and the events I dragged him to, but even then, even with me here, most of the time, he was in his quiet office, making art or tying flies or reading - without turning on the television or playing tunes or talking to anyone on the phone. 

And when I wasn't here, this was how it was. Like this day, today. Quiet. He was alone, but not lonely. He was not pressed for time or conversation. He filled the days with thinking and creating and being with the dogs. 

This morning, in the quiet of this small house, where I have been alone for days and days, I realized how much Peter loved his quiet, solitary hours, and how glad I am that he was able to have them. 

Thought for the Day

The Kingfisher

loud whistles at night
a kingfisher on the prowl -
river fish are still

- Tania Kitchin

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