Monday, December 21, 2009

Brantly the First

Brantly the First

I've been busy!

As I have helped the older couple in West Hartford these past few weeks, the commissions have come pouring in, and Saturday as we waited for the snow, and Sunday as we watched it pile up (26 inches, by my measure), I painted. And I painted and I painted and I painted.

I had had five commissions, and was cooking along with them when, last week, a man walked into the gallery and asked if I could paint his five dogs in time for Christmas. The gallery owner called, and I said sure, I could paint them, but they'd never dry in time.

No problem, he said.

So I finished the last of the first batch and began.

I have to say, I was more than a little scared. I had one shot to do all five dogs, and my confidence had been a little shaken when, recently, a commission had been rejected. But the painting gods were with me, and I soared.

This sharpei was not one of that group of five. I will post these in the order I received them, saving the group of five for last.

So as my grandmother used to say, one door closes and another one opens.

Thank you for reading!

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