Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thinking of Andy Warhol

Thinking of Andy Warhol
Oil on canvas, 16x20, $150

I've been busy, busy, busy, taking care of the older couple in West Hartford this week. It is really a good job, I have to say, though if I stop and think too long, it can be very scary.

These people are wonderful, but they are frail, after their illnesses, and their frailty is new to them and uncomfortable. They want to be the way they were - don't we all, to some degree? - and yet, the body won't comply.

It's a balance, and one with vast responsibilities. If you get a newspaper story wrong, well, there are consequences. If you stop paying attention and someone wanders off or falls, the consequences are much different.

On an entirely different note, my dad and stepmother bought one of my paintings at the show at the Emporium in Mystic, Conn. They loved the painting, and bought it to give to my sister and her husband for a Christmas present.

"You're always telling us on your blog to buy our presents from a local artist," Paula said. "And so we did."


The show in Mystic continues until the end of the month. There's work by me, Peter and six others. Prices run the gamut, as does the style of the work. Take a look! Think about buying a gift from a local artist. We'll appreciate your purchase far more than Best Buy will!

The Emporium is at 15 Water St., Mystic. The Lighthouse Gallery on Route 12 in Groton, Conn., (next to Arrow Party & Paper) is also having a Christmas gift sale, with wonderful work by local artists. Check here for directions and hours. The Hygienic Gallery on Bank Street in New London is doing the same thing. And in New York, the Wallkill River School on Route 17K in Montgomery has wonderful pieces, large and small, by many local artists.

Thanks for reading!

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