Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some Ups, Some Downs

Duffer 1
Oil on canvas, 24x24

Duffer 2
Oil on canvas, 24x24

I've been somewhat slow to post lately, and that's likely to continue for the month or so. I've taken a temporary job as a companion to a friend's parents, both of whom are recovering from dire health calamities.

The wife has had a stroke; she is back home, and doing well, though she needs a watcher/helper who will also work to stimulate her mind and sharpen her acumen. The husband is recovering from pneumonia; he's still in a rehabilitation center, but is coming home soon. I like these people very much, and am pleased to be part of their recovery.

The portrait of Duffer was rejected by the commissioner, and that makes me sad, but I guess that's part of the gig. It's my first rejection - and as it was intended for the daughter of my favorite writer (not counting my brother), I am a little heartbroken. But I love the paintings, and so, it is OK.

I am also conceding defeat, at least temporarily, in the face of strong winter and weak income, and am moving back inside the house. The finishing of the studio will just have to wait. And that's OK. There are plenty of worse things than painting in the basement and doing desk work at the kitchen table. When it warms up, I can readdress the idea of finishing the studio.

On the upside, I have a whole bunch of commissions from the gallery in West Hartford. So while I miss painting during the workweek, my day(s) off will be filled with joy and paint and beautiful dogs.

The show at the Emporium in Mystic, Conn., continues throughout the month. In addition to paintings by me and photographs by Peter, there are works by six other local artists, ranging from really cool found-wood sculptures to beautiful watercolors to fine abstracts. Between the art and the jam-packed fun inventory of the Emporium itself, your holiday gift-giving missions could all be accomplished in this one place, 15 Water Street, Mystic.

Thanks for reading!


Sandy Sandy Art said...

HAPPY HOLIDAYS CARRIE! I know you will be a Godsend to your friends and you will reap many benefits too. It's life's twists and turns that remind us to live in the moment, whatever that may be. Glad to hear the commissions are coming in and happy to meet Duffer. I LOVE THEM..... so much I think you should do a Duffer series.
(but only if you want to ;-D)
Hugs and abundance Always Sista, Sandy

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks so much, Sandy - and how I agree with all you say! I am happy to meet Duffer, too, and LOVE the idea of doing a whole series.