Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Moon Light, Moon Bright

Oil on canvas, 24x24. Commission

This season is too hard for me, some days. I have to remind myself, again and again, to focus on whatever good I can find, and pull myself and my heart away from the painful, the insoluble, the incomprehensible.

The moon is big and bright and full this Monday evening, and so there is some solace in knowing that this low, cold, coldhearted day is the final step before the lowest low. Tuesday, sunset comes as early as it will all year, and so, there will be hope and deliverance and a reason to look forward again.


Lori M Rowe said...

I love love love this....and I understand your mood. I broke down crying in the stuffing isle this morning...

Unknown said...

Sadd? Such eloquent meloncholy poetry. A contrast to your joyous light filled paintings. I feel the weight of the recent snow on the tree branches ouside as though it had fallen on my own shoulders. Visually beautiful, but a marker of the dark months of winter ahead. If only the season could be peppered with an occasional summer day of plein air painting.
Looking at you exhibition schedule you won't have time for sadd. Go Carrie!

carrie jacobson said...

Thank you so much, Lori... Glad I am not alone. I have managed to get out of the stores before weeping, but only barely.

And Mary, thank you for the lovely note. Beautiful poetry there, a delight on this cold morning. I have two new snow paintings, which I will post asap. They are far happier - as am I.