Monday, March 1, 2010

Early Call for Art on Groton Bank

The Art on Groton Bank committee members met Saturday at the home of Audrey Heard (her back is to you), made plans, set goals and had a pleasant morning.  From left, the committee is Gerry Keeler, Janet Downs, Hali Keeler, Milly Carlson, Judith Winder,  and John McHugh. Hidden between Winder and McHugh is Lana Orphanides.

Years ago, when I was a teenager, I used to shop with my mother at a great store called Hands All Around. It was run by one of my mother's friends, a woman named Audrey Heard. I knew, somehow, that Audrey was a painter, but mostly I knew her as the woman who owned that really cool store with the wonderful clothes. Shopping there was always a treat.

Last year, I met Audrey when I participated in Art on Groton Bank, a one-day outdoor art festival on the grounds of the Bill Library in the City of Groton. I didn't recognize Audrey, though her name rang a bell, faintly, in my memory.

After the show, I received an email from Audrey asking for comments about the way the show was run. I responded, and promptly forgot all about it.

In the fall, I was dropping off art at the South County Art Association and was drawn into the exhibit space by a series of very large, very colorful paintings. They were absolutely brilliant! They relied on color to do all the work - to supply the light, the shadow, the shapes, the rhythm. I was stunned to see that Audrey Heard, the small, older woman I'd met at the show, was the artist. Click here to see her work.

I put her on my mailing list, invited her to my All Animals show at the Lighthouse Gallery, and was pleased as could be when she and her friend Millie arrived at the opening. Afterwards, via an email exhange, I agreed to help out with Art on Groton Bank.

I've met with Audrey a few times now, and am thrilled and honored to be involved (as co-chairman, even!) with the project. It was a fun show, my first venture outdoors, and I like Audrey's ideas about expanding the group's reach, adding another show and a series of salons.

I met with the AOGB group on Saturday, and they are just the nicest people. I'm happy to have found an artist community here, especially one with ideas, verve and a track record.

So - the Art on Groton Bank Show will take place on Saturday, July 17. The website is being updated, and I will let you know when the new information is up. But if you are an artist, please participate! The entry fee is very low - $45, or $40 if you pay ahead. There is no pressure, it's a lovely experience, and it's a show where you can make sales. If you have a tent and all that jazz, that's great - but if you don't, you can set up along the fence that encircles the library grounds, and show and sell your work a la the painters of Paris.

If you are an art lover, please write AOGB down on your calendar now. It's a great place to find art by established and emerging artists, and it's fun and easy.

This year, too, Art on Groton Bank is planning a winter show, Nov. 6 & 7, indoors. Stay tuned for more information! 

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