Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Moon Had Turned to Gold

The Moon Had Turned to Gold
Oil on canvas, 24x24
Please contact me for price and shipping/delivery information

I still don't know where all this is leading me, but I do know that I'm loving it.

Part of me says - just stop! Stop with these suns and moons, enough already. The other part of me says - see where it goes. 

And so today, I am seeing. I am listening hard to the whispers of the wind, or the universe, or the muses, or god, whatever force is greater than me, and clearly taking me somewhere. I am listening, whether the voice comes in ideas, or dreams or through people or images, I am trying to sort the courage from the fear, and stride ahead.

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carrie jacobson said...

Thanks, Shea, I do, too. I wake up in the mornings thinking about these paintings, and fall asleep at night thinking about them. There's something magical in them for me, and I don't really care what, you know? I made another one today that will post tomorrow, and I am really excited about this one!