Saturday, April 16, 2011

Morning, April 9

 Morning, April 9
Oil on gallery-wrapped canvas, 16x20, $360.

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I have the very good fortune to live near the Groton Reservoir, and to cross it several times a day. There's one place where you can park and paint or do whatever, but of course this is not in the most scenic spot. Otherwise, there's really no stopping - though at the hours I am usually crossing, I can stop in the lane and shoot whatever photos I want. 

The camera made this day of sun, and browned up the scene a little - it was more gray. This is the first in a series of paintings I'm doing of the reservoir. Out of my usual color range, I know - but an interesting contrast for me - and fun! 

Tomorrow, I'll post another. 


One Woman's Thoughts said...

Loving the colors and texture

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks, One Woman - It and its sister are far out of my usual color range, but I am finding I like them, and have enjoyed the stretch, too.

carrie jacobson said...

Thank you, Shea - I am so glad to hear that people who like my paintings are liking these colors - or lack of colors. There is some sort of power in the (relatively) tonal quality of these two paintings. something to experiment with, for sure.