Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunset, Charlestown Breachway

Sunset, Charlestown Breachway
Oil on canvas, 10 inches by 10 inches

I am still dilly-dallying with notions about this 100-painting project I'm on the brink of starting. 

For anyone who missed it, I am embarking on a project to make 100 10-inch-by-10-inch paintings. On the advice of Chris Rose, curator of the Lighthouse Gallery, and an artist and teacher whose insights I trust, I am working to limit the scope of the project - and it is tough! 

Instead of 100 random paintings, Chris is encouraging me to make some choices before I set out. Subject matter is the major choice, but there are others, too, including palette and tools/brushes. 

My brother Rand says he loves the idea of doing 100 dog paintings and then putting them together using to make a giant image of a cat. I like that, too, but wonder if it seems too obvious, too easy. 

Of course, if I am going to do something like this, maybe obvious and easy is the smart way to go? 

At any rate, I tried a couple 10x10s the other day, and this is one. It did make me wonder if "Reflections" would be a theme, a focus. It is pretty broad, though, perhaps broad enough to get me in trouble. 

One of the followers of the blog here said that I will probably wake up one morning and find the idea full-blown in my consciousness, and I do like that thought. Meantime, I'll make one more call here for ideas. Got one? Please let me know! 

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SLR said...

Try turning this painting upside down. Because my screen is so small I only take in a portion of the work. The sky looks like frosting;it's so textured and creamy looking. Then the colors change to sherbet until you hit land. Anyway, see what you find flipping the painting and let me know what you think.
Still at a loss for the 100...something unlimited on which you place a limit, a challenge. Blindfolded at a noisy spot...painting what you hear-how's that for a challenge?

carrie jacobson said...

SLR, love your ideas. What fun! I love the idea of painting blindfolded... painting what I hear. Fascinating.

The paint is much like frosting in lots of my paintings, and I sort of like that. It transmits some notion of well-known physicality to me; I have frosted cakes for far longer than I've painted, so when I am lost, the motor memory of frosting helps me out. Sometimes.

Thanks for your fine thinking and wonderful support.

Jill said...

This is stunning.

I've been thinking and thinking about your 100 paintings idea. I LOVE it.

There was this painter in Old Lyme, I think it was, that painted the same scene every day for year, then had an exhibit of all the paintings. It was cool, but the seasons just don't change that fast. With 100 paintings though, you could paint the same scene from the same spot (his was in his backyard) every three or four days or however it worked out for you. Result could be cool, but process could be boring...

My other idea is 100 paintings of things I don't usually paint --- can of soup, pair of shoes, a truck, a snake... etc. I thought that might be a really fun and interesting process, with an unpredictable result.

I think we should have coffee on Thursday afternoon somewhere and discuss!


Elissa said...

Personally, I just love your landscapes, and I think a series of 100 landscapes/seascapes would be so nice. Unless you think you'd grow tired of them. :)

carrie jacobson said...

thanks, Elissa! I am thinking the same... maybe shape it a little - big field, little house.... or earth/fire/water/air... or something. ... I never get tired of landscapes. One coooool idea I had was 100 exits off of I-95