Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Afternoon in Clinton

Afternoon in Clinton
Oil on canvas, 10x10, $100

There is something about these afternoons of clear light in winter and in spring that seems to open my eyes and my heart. The air, thin and clear, picks up golden colors and blues, and sometimes an amazing pink, and the world looks new and bright and pretty.

Today, I saw robins - two of them, fat and happy, lighting on a branch outside my window. A small woodpecker joined them for a moment, and then they all flew off, in search of something better than the meager seeds here. Spring is coming, indeed.

I woke to a beautiful bouquet of daisies and roses, carnations and lilies, and a balloon that talks to me when I tap it, and tells me how beautiful and HOT I am. I've spent the day smelling the flowers and tapping on that balloon, and being happy to be married to Peter, who is willing to accompany me on all of these adventures.

I hope that this Valentine's Day is filled with love for all of you!

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Patrice said...

You are blessed and lucky - and I can think of no better things to be.