Monday, February 20, 2012

Low Tide

Low Tide
Oil on canvas, 10x10 $100

I made this painting from a photograph Peter took while we were in Virginia recently. I really like the shine on the water near the boat, and the way the sun highlights the boat and the banks of the marsh.

Also, I think, it looks like the boat is IN the water. Looks like it is floating, and displacing at least a little water.

I find boats difficult. I sailed when I was a kid, but beyond that, I've not been around boats much. Their structures are alien to me, as are their proportions and lines. It's going to take some study and a lot of bad boats, I think, before I find a way in. Before I find a vocabulary.

Clearly, the thing to do is to start with simple boats like this one. And maybe to stick to low tide, too.

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