Monday, February 6, 2012


Oil on canvas, 30x40
Going on sale soon at Center Framing & Art, West Hartford Center, CT

Ronet Noe and I had a grand time painting on a very cold sidewalk Saturday in front of Center Framing & Art in West Hartford Center, CT.

The Center is a fun place, especially on a weekend! Well-dressed people walk nicely groomed and well-behaved dogs, and are happy to talk and supportive, too! They are shopping, window-shopping, dining, chatting, meeting friends and generally having a fine weekend time.

It's the kind of afternoon you remember from your childhood, if you're old enough and grew up in a place with a downtown. You're out - and chances are you're going to see pretty much everyone you know, because they're all out, too.

It was a little windy to be working on such a large canvas, on an easel (well, two actually) - but I'd started the painting here, Lori wanted it for my window that's coming up, and so I took my chances. I experimented in places, having fun - this is not a good photo, but I will get one and replace it, so that you can see some of the cool, small stuff!

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