Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Red Sunflowers

Red Sunflowers
Oil on canvas, 12x48

My, this is a raw thing to do, this painting thing. Your whole insides are on display, all the time.

I have applied to a whole bunch of shows, good shows, top shows. Two days ago, I got one rejection, yesterday, I got another. Yes, my skin is getting thicker, but still, ouch.

And then, hours after the second rejection, I stopped painting to check the computer, and there were two emails from people wanting to buy paintings from me. And today, I finished this sunflower painting - and though you can't truly tell from the photo, it's a fantastic painting, maybe the best I've ever made. It sings with color and heat and sunshine, and the sweet warm promise of summer. I'm thrilled.

And so it goes. Vast gulping terror. Swift, sharp pain. And unbounded joy. All in a day. No wonder I feel raw.


Elissa said...

This painting is fantastic. Love it!

Tony Bacewicz said...

Striking, bold and beautiful! A truly wonderful work. Keep 'em coming.