Monday, August 13, 2012

Mystic Outdoor Art Festival - Yay!

My booth in Mystic on Saturday

The Mystic Outdoor Art Festival was great for me for all kinds of reasons. It was HOT, and that was not so good, but that was one small thing.

Homeless (the house is empty though the sale has not closed), I stayed with one of my very best friends two nights, and with my daughter and her family two nights. Both were just great.

At the show, tons of friends came by to say hello, friends from my recent life and friends from past lives - high school, The Westerly Sun - and it was great to see them.

People who have bought paintings from me came by to say hello, which was great! They are all loving the paintings they have, and that made me feel really good.

Lots of people were very interested in my new paintings, and took cards and post cards. They asked great questions that made me think - and they generously shared insights and moments in their lives with me. That's part of the shows that I really like.

And sales were excellent! A friend from Patch bought my turtle painting. A new friend - and collector - bought two of the 100 Cubed pieces. And a woman who had been in love for years with the Canadian Cows painting - my biggest - bought it! I helped her hang it in her living room, and took this photo. Doesn't it look great?

My painting in the buyer's living room

I don't know that I have ever been happier to sell a painting. The buyer had been at the very first show where I hung this painting, and had fallen head over heels for it. But it was large and expensive, and she couldn't quite bring herself to do it. She came to show after show, visiting the painting, (I have done this myself and I know what it's like) - and on Saturday, she realized she had to have it.

I delivered it and helped her hang it. She was so right, the painting was perfect for the space.

And the show was perfect for me.

My booth in Mystic on Sunday, cowless


jenlacker said...

Inspirational Carrie, you transcend calamity like a pro

jenlacker said...

Inspirational Carrie, you transcend calamity like a pro


Manjacita said...

I know the feeling your customer experienced. I had a similar love of a painting, though I was unable to visit it. When next I spoke to the artist she said, "I've been saving it for you." And so, it now hangs in my living room, above my couch, as you described.

carrie jacobson said...

Manja, I still remember two paintings from the Mystic Outdoor Art Show 20 or more years ago - there was a guy who painted only roads, roads with trees along them, roads along fields, roads into the mountains, etc... and I loved these paintings, loved them. I still remember them, and wish I had one. I wish I'd had the nerve to ask the guy if I could pay him $25 a month (which I'd still be paying, probably...). But I know the feeling.

Thanks for sharing, and making me remember!

Unknown said...

Love your stall set up...
my husband is an artist so just wondering how you put the canvases onto the walls?