Saturday, May 11, 2013

Afternoon Shadows, and a Prayer for the Mothers

Afternoon Shadows, Mt. Pleasant, NC
Oil on canvas, 10x10

 A prayer for all the mothers:

May love be the road you walk, with your children and your own mom. It might not be an easy road, or a straight one. It might not be paved smooth and even. But it’s the best road, the surest road, the one that passes through the heart.

May you have the courage to hold fast to your convictions and your ethics, and to teach your children the hard lessons, the ones that will help them make their own best choices.

May you find the energy to seek your own inspiration, your own truths, your own beliefs. May you find the strength to follow them, and be the example for those who love you.

May you have the joy of laughter shared, the rich pleasure of solitude, the comfort of family and friends when times are tough.

And may hope and faith be yours, today and every day.

My painting in the landscape, in Mt. Pleasant, NC

You can see this painting and others through Sunday at 5 p.m. at the Convention Center in Charlotte, NC. 

The Fine Art Show I'm in is intimate, high-end, lovely. There's jewelry, glass, painting, photography and woodworking. It's a nice show! 

If you live in the area, please consider stopping in - and bringing your friends! If you don't live near Charlotte, but you know people who do, please let them know about the show. 

Thank you! 

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