Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oklahoma Cowscape and How to Help - and Paradise City!

Oklahoma Cowscape
I had a few looong days driving back from Tubac (check out the Tubac and Back blog!). One of them started in New Mexico and ended in Shawnee, OK. I'd been driving for 14 hours, but I got off the road mostly because the sky was so scary-looking:

Above and below, the sky over Shawnee, OK

Shawnee was a one- and two-story town, with some interesting-looking shops and restaurants, some beautiful landscapes, and some of the friendliest people I met on the trip. Whenever I end up somewhere, I always think about what it would be like to live there, and I thought Shawnee would be a pretty good spot.

Except for the tornadoes.

I remember how horrible it felt when, while we were living near the Neversink River in New York, a flood destroyed a lifetime's worth of memories and a basement's worth of possessions. It mangled our land and left a crater in our driveway, making it impassable.

I remember the terror, then the utter, bone-deep dismay, the terrible sense of loss, and, finally, the overwhelming joy that Peter and all the animals and I made it through alive.

My heart goes out to those families in Oklahoma. I have just the barest idea of what they are feeling, but even from my relatively tiny experience, I can tell you it's awful.

Here are some ways you can help:

SATURDAY, SUNDAY AND MONDAY, I'll be at the Paradise City Art Fair in Northampton, MA! Click here to check the website for directions and discounts on tickets

I'll be in Booth 407, which is probably in the Morgan Barn. 

Paradise City is a fantastic display of beautiful, creative, gorgeous art and high-end craft. It's fun, there's excellent food, and easy parking. It's mostly inside, too, so rain, shine, snow - it doesn't matter. 

Please come! And find me and say hi. 

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