Monday, May 13, 2013

April Salt Marsh and a Good Show in Charlotte

April Salt Marsh
Oil on canvas, 10x10

I had an excellent show in Charlotte, and am breathing a sigh of relief and gratitude. A big sunflower painting, a big cowscape, and my beloved "Road to Warwick" all sold, along with three pet portraits and the plein air piece I posted yesterday, which was bought long-distance by a collector (and friend).

I feel very lucky, indeed, as there were not many people at the show.

The folks who bought my paintings were delightful, too! They loved my work; they were open, optimistic and friendly people, and it was just great to have shared the moments that we did, and to have those people in my life. Selling a painting to a person who touches your heart is one of the best feelings in the world.

I did have an experience at the show that brought me up a bit short. Decades ago, at the Mystic Outdoor Art Show, I saw paintings of roads that I really loved. They were moody, interesting, beautiful paintings, and fascinating, too. Through the years, I've remembered them, and that lasting emotion was one of the things that drew me to painting.

The man who made them was at this show, and I found him and introduced myself, and told him my story and how he had figured in it.

He could not have been more gloomy or ungracious or unfriendly. Later, he walked by my booth and I could see from 20 feet that he really disliked my paintings. "Bet these sell," was all he said.

Wow. There was so little joy in this man, I had to wonder why he keeps painting.

Lucky for me, I know why I do!


Here are some photos from the show:

 Here's my booth, above, and booths and work by others, below

And here's a Dog of the Day, from my friend Pem! 
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