Friday, June 7, 2013

Mt. Airy Farm - and a Funny Dog

Mt. Airy Farm
Oil on canvas, 10x10

My first plein-air cowscape! 

Yes, it's little. 

Yes, the cow is sketchy. 

Yes, the buildings are a little tippy. 

All those things can be dealt with. The fact is, I saw the outdoor cows, I made a decision to paint at least one, and I did it! 

This has been a long-held fright for me, painting a cow (or horse) in plein air. Why? Because they move. (Or mooove, as my little mental word-gamer says). And it always scared me that I might start the painting, and the cow would move away, and then,,, what? 

And to that, I would say: What? So what? Why be scared? 

Well, if we knew why we were scared of dippy, dopey things, we probably wouldn't be scared. 

 Here's my painting in the landscape. Yes, I changed the color of the barn. As my friend and inspiration, Gene Bove, might say - What good is a barn if it's not red?

Dog of the Day

This time, it's a video! Click here to see the fabulous jumping farm dog of Monrovia, MD! 


Janine said...

I've so enjoyed your blog. I love to hear the thoughts you've had as you paint. And I'm sure enjoying my church painting. You are inspiring!

carrie jacobson said...

I'm glad you're loving the church painting. It waited for you.