Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tilghman Fall - and a Harrowing Show

Tilghman Fall
Oil on canvas, 16x20
Please contact me for price and delivery information

This is a painting I began years ago, on a wonderful painting trip to Maryland. I had gotten about 90 percent through the piece when absolute exhaustion overtook me, and I stopped, knowing where I was going, and figuring I could finish up when I got home. 

Well, I never did. 

A couple weeks ago, I found the painting and finished it. I added some stuff, changed the house, altered the sky, fooled with the light. 

There is a point at which, I realize, I stop trying to make the piece look like whatever it is - a dog, a tree, a landscape - and I shift to making it look like a good painting. This comes at different points in each piece. This time, it came a couple years later. 

THE BOARDWALK ART SHOW has been good - but harrowing. 

Set-up was Wednesday, and it was brutally hot. I know there have been issues with vandalism, so I set up the tent, but didn't put any work in until Thursday morning.

Again, it was hot. Torrid. Blistering. Ninety-seven degrees - and with storms in the forecast. 

At about noon, the organizers sent word around that the show would close early because of the weather. I took all my paintings down, packed them away in the van, and added buckets of sand to my already heavily weighted tent. 

My tent held in the 60-plus-mph wind that tore through the Oceanfront - but 33 others did not. The storm ripped them apart, tumbled them into the ocean, tore them to pieces, and demolished work that artists had left inside. 

Friday, the blow continued, and the tent shook and strained while paintings flapped and slapped and slammed against the walls, and the rugs puffed up in unstoppable waves. 

But today, Saturday, was excellent, in terms of weather, and people and sales. So - yay! And Sunday is another day. 


I DID NOT WIN a prize from the judges in the show, but I still have a chance. If you get this before noon on Sunday, please click here to vote for me for the People's Choice award. It's an honor, and it comes with $1,000, and YES I AM A SHAMELESS HUSSY!!! 

I am in Booth 2423.


 Here's my booth at the show

And here's me, featured in the booklet that people walking the show use to find their way! 

Here's me in ANOTHER new hat

Dog of the Day

For some reason, I seem to think that all the dogs I took photos of were named Oliver. Maybe I am just tired.

This little bichon, Oliver or whatever his name is, was sweet and happy and loving and full of joy and mischief!

Want your dog to be the Dog of the Day? Send me a jpg!

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