Monday, July 29, 2013

Chance - and a GREAT Surprise

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One of the great things that happened at the show in Old Saybrook had its start at the May show at Paradise City.

There's I'd donated a painting to a silent auction to benefit a nonprofit group. The women who won the painting got it for their daughter, whose dog Chance had died that very morning.

I made the painting, and we arranged to meet at the Old Saybrook show. Carly, their daughter, knew nothing about the painting.

One of the mothers came by when they arrived, and I put the painting on the wall, with a postcard saying "To Carly, Love, Chance."

And here's what happened:

The painting of Chance was hanging on the wall of my tent 
when Carly and her moms and grandmother showed up.

Here's Carly seeing the painting of Chance for the first time. 

"Oh my God, that looks like Chance," Carly says. 
And then, she realizes that it IS Chance. 

Carly is caught between laughing and crying over the painting of her dog. 

 Here's Carly with the painting and her two mothers, who arranged 
the whole thing. Believe me, we were all in tears. 
Here's the painting of Chance.

Scenes from the Day

Other great stuff happened at Old Sabrook, too! 
Here's my friend Tiffany, who wore her beautiful tie-dyed T-shirt 
when she visited me at the show.

Forrest and Laurie stopped by, too! 

Gail was one of the volunteers at the Old Saybrook show. She was a dear, and helped me all weekend.

On the way, I found myself behind a truck from the Dainty Garbage Truck Co. 
Below the name is a line reading "We Love Garbage!" 

Dog of the Day

A dog I met at the show in Old Saybrook. Gotta love those crazy eyes! 


Annette Piper said...

What a wonderful thing to capture.

carrie jacobson said...

It was just great to be a part of this, too. I felt honored.

carrie jacobson said...

Hey, Unknown (Ellen), thanks for the comment. It was a wonderful, wonderful happening, one that will stay in my heart forever.