Friday, August 2, 2013

Back to Old Lyme - and SoNo Arts This Weekend, Too!

Boat Launch Ramp, Old Lyme
oil on canvas, 12x48

Yes, I went back to the boat launch ramp! It's about the most beautiful place in Connecticut, I think - and a spot I just love to paint. It's easy to set up there, too, and there are no cars driving by, so for the most part, it's quiet. 


Peter and I live a quiet little life in Wachapreague. We talk, of course, and we talk plenty. But for each of us, long stretches of quiet - or at least of not talking - underline our days. 

In Wachapreague, the days themselves are quiet. There's almost no traffic in town. There's no noise from airplanes. Now that the arsonist has been captured, the fire alarm rarely sounds. There are no crowds, no hubbub. Our own dogs are probably the noisiest things in town, and when they get too much, I put them back in the house. 

This trip, all these shows, weekend after weekend after weekend, and then my gypsying existence, going from home to home, friend to friend, family to family, this has been great, and fun and exciting - but it has involved a lot of talking, from me, by me, and to me. It's not that I haven't enjoyed it, because I have. But it has been more than is good for me. More than is good for my painting. 

So when I find a quiet place to paint, I relish it. And who knows - I might go back to the boat launch again next week. 

Here's my painting in the landscape

SoNo Arts takes place this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, in South Norwalk, CT.  It's a fun show, with tons of artists, including the very talented Ronet Noe, who will be my neighbor on the plaza. We are booths 420 and 421. So if you're around Connecticut this weekend and looking for something to do, please come by South Norwalk and say hello - and buy a painting! 

Dog of the Day

This is Pascha, the dog of the day! She is an elderly labradoodle, and just a wonderful, sweet old girl. 

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And THANK YOU for reading! 

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