Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Neighbors - and Your Thoughts

Oil on canvas, 18x18
Honestly, it's a little difficult to pinpoint why I love these empty paintings so much. First, I think, is the strength of the light. It is unimpeded by trees or hills or mountains or backgrounds. The light in the paintings is direct and bright, and the white of the canvas emphasizes that directness. 

Second, I think they appeal to me because they invite me, and anyone looking at them, to complete them. In your mind, it could be a sunny day, or the light could be coming underneath the clouds on a winter afternoon. There could be cars, or an ocean, or mountains in the background. There could be anything - and your mind and mood and spirit will supply that anything. 

I do like this one with the little bit of sky. 

Galen  Like all art , it is an opinion. Does someone's opinion make it good/better? It is totally up to the artist.

I like the painting, however, I don't like just bare canvas showing through - even a color wash ? would be preferable to ME!!!!


I don't think every painting has to touch 
All sides and down to the frame 
I leave some of my watercolors with
A lot of white space.   I think it adds intrigue
and makes the viewer wonder about 
that white space 

Ron van Gogh
I didn't see a comment box on my screen, but for what it's worth, I really like this painting the way it is.
I love the houses. Can't tell there beach houses. It's kinda neat that you can put them anywhere. But I would not buy this painting.
I have to say that I really like the sketchy lines, and the whole thing is growing on me more and more.  I like the composition.  I like the extra space.

I liked the painting..for me, you said what you wanted to say.

You are remarkable; loved the beach houses. It's finished. What's next? 


Dog of the Day

Muppet Ammenheuser lives in Nashville. His owners decided to get him, a purebred Bichon, after meeting our dog, Gus, about 17 years ago.

Happy Birthday! 

July 3 is my brother's birthday! Happy Birthday, Rand! 



Sara said...

I agree with the people who said that it's up to the artist to decide.
As an art lover, I really like both paintings with the white space. If I was buying it, I would want a little less white space (maybe 1/3 less?).
Both paintings are just the type of subject I love!

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks for the comment, Sara. I am going to experiment with the amount of sky and white space as I do more of these. I really appreciate your thoughts!