Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mystic River Racers

Mystic River Racers
Oil on canvas, 18x18
Please contact me for price and delivery options

At a recent show, I found myself next to a very crabby artist who made large watercolor paintings (probably 24x30) on paper. She hung them, unframed and unmounted, on the rafters of her tent, and also had them in a box on a table. They were very tight watercolors of flowers on draped fabric. Many of the arrangement were in front of mirrors, so they were reflected and doubled.

She was asking $1,000 each.

The first day of the show, no one bought anything, and fewer than a dozen people went into her tent.

But then, much to my amazement and the collective amazement of everyone near her, she won Best in Show. This brought her a check and a big blue ribbon, which, of course, she hung prominently in her tent. Not only did people go into her tent in droves for the entire day, but she also sold a bunch of her paintings.

All of you, who have bought paintings from me, and who have been interested in and supportive of my art, and of the art of other living artists working hard to make a living, you all should be very proud of yourselves.

You've not needed to see a blue ribbon to know that you like my work. You've not needed the vote of some expert. You have only needed to know your heart and trust your own eyes.


THE MYSTIC OUTDOOR ART FESTIVAL takes place Saturday and Sunday in downtown Mystic, CT. I made this painting in honor of the festival, and it's one of the pieces that's helping me get over my fear of painting boats!

If you come, be prepared to park a ways away and walk. It is supposed to be a gorgeous weekend, though, so the walk should not be too bad. If you park on the east side of town (the Mystic Seaport side), you'll walk right by me on the way to the drawbridge. I'll be at the corner of Willow and Main, across the street from the post office, and close to the World of Bagels, or whatever it's called.

The show is from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Some cool pix

 Here's a bear I saw outside of Woodstock, NY! 

 Look, isn't this bizarre? The mountains in "Vermont Afternoon" and "Pulaski Farm" run into each other as though I'd painted them together. I have never hung them side by side, so I never noticed this! 

OK, across from me at SoNoArts was this free-refill soda place. On Sunday, I noticed the bladder-problem billboard behind it!!! Happily for all, the port-a-potties were just to the right of all this. 

Dog of the Day
It's Jilly, waiting for her mama to come home.

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