Monday, December 30, 2013

December Farm, Route 13 - and the Joy of Homemade Soup

December Farm, Route 13
Oil on canvas, 20x20

It's early in this cold, late-in-the-year day, and I'm sitting in our little kitchen. It's warm in here, and aromatic, because I'm making soup. 

And that's my message for today: Make More Soup. 

It's great on all sorts of levels. It makes me shop differently. I buy different cuts of meat and poultry, because it will be delicious today, and then will go to great use in soup. 

Soup makes use of all the leftovers, too, turning stuff I used to throw away into stuff that's delicious and healthy and smells great all day. 

Today's soup involves the bones of our Thanksgiving turkey, which I froze after Thanksgiving; a couple of chicken carcasses from a chicken we cooked, and an already-bought chicken, also frozen. Right now, the bones are cooking with onions, carrots, celery, and lots of basil and oregano. 

This afternoon, I'll add some roasted vegetables I froze from our Thanksgiving dinner, and add the remaining vegetables and pork from our Christmas dinner. We have some odds and ends of this and that that I'm going to throw in, too - sausage from Sunday breakfast, the tail end of some ham we had last week, and a turkey kielbasa I found in the meat drawer. And this afternoon, while I'm painting, I will cook some potatoes and carrots and onions in the oven, and add them, too. Toss in some beans, some canned corn and some broccoli I froze this fall, from a neighbor's garden, and tonight's soup will be yummy! Tomorrow's soup will be even better! 

Above all, I love making soup because it uses what we have, and puts it all together in new ways. In our house, soup is always an adventure, and often, a metaphor. 


THIS VIDEO made me laugh, and cry all at once. So you have been warned.

Dog of the Day

This beautiful guy is Benji, foster dog of Lori and Greg Rowe. In addition to being a Red Sox fan, and a beautiful, tall gal, Lori is also a fabulous artist. I love her work in general, and her portraits of pets in particular. Check out her stuff at her website,

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