Monday, December 2, 2013

December Sale!

Spring in Bucksnort, Tennessee
Oil on canvas, 9x12

Hi, everyone! Hope you had excellent Thanksgiving Days with your families, your friends, your neighbors, or just by yourself if that's how you choose to celebrate. After a great pre-Thanksgiving holiday get-together with my family in Connecticut, I came home, and Peter and I had a lovely, quiet day taking it easy and being grateful for so very much. 
In clearing out my studio over the weekend, I found these wonderful paintings in a box, under another box. They are older paintings, and some don't have the heavy surface that I generally create now - but they are excellent paintings, ones that I love, and in sizes that I don't use much any more. Most are not framed; I included the frame in the ones that are framed. I am offering them to you all here for pretty low prices. 

If you buy any of these paintings before Friday, I will pay the shipping!  

The "View Cart" button is at the bottom of the page. 

Afternoon in Clinton, Arkansas
Oil on canvas, 11x14

Arizona Desert
Oil on canvas, 12x12

Fog on the Reservoir
Oil on canvas, 6x12, framed

Shady Garden

Sunny Garden

Winter Storm
Oil on board, 12x12

Storm Lifting
Oil on masonite, 6x6

Time to Shovel
Oil on board, 6x12

Spring's Thin Bones

Winter Flamingos
Oil on canvas, 6x12, framed

Heavy Coat
Oil on board, 6x12,

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