Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Raising a Cloud - And Happy New Year

Raising a Cloud
Oil on canvas, 30x30
Please contact me to find out about price and availability

It's been a great year, thanks in large part to all of you, who have supported me spiritually and financially, encouraged me, critiqued my paintings, and told me to pick myself up when I felt down. 

I truly appreciate it! 

Today, a person who has bought a number of my paintings came to visit, with his girlfriend. We have become friends over this year, and we had a lovely time, talking, looking at my paintings and going out to lunch. Chris gave me a beautiful piece of art that he had made. It stands in a place of honor with art given to me by Catherine Lenoci, Cindy Bennett, Bonnie Brankey and ... have I forgotten anyone? 

The decision to leave a regularly paying job to make my way as an artist was terrifying and energizing. I'd never have done it without my husband. I'd never continue it without the support and love of my brother and sister, my dad and stepmother, and the hundreds of people who've bought my art, read my blog and cheered me on. 

So I go into 2014 happy and hopeful and grateful - and so optimistic. 

I hope that the new year brings you all everything that your hearts and souls desire. 


Snow Geese

You can just barely see them, but they are there, in the last sky of 2013. It's the first flock I've seen this winter - I'm so looking forward to seeing them covering the fields here on the Eastern Shore. 

Dog of the Day

Here's Heather MacLeod's dog Gypsy, looking a little less than thrilled at the Maine snow.
 And winter has only just started up there! 

On the Easel 
Another cowboy painting! This one is 20x60. I can hardly wait to finish it!

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