Friday, October 24, 2014

Three Chickens, Two Fancies and One DOD

Three Chickens
Oil on canvas, 36x36

Had to look it up, but I've found out that roosters are chickens, but chickens are not necessarily roosters. And, according to Wikipedia, a male chicken who is less than a year old is called a cockerel. 

At a show a couple weeks ago, I learned that a bull is an intact male cow, used for breeding purposes. A steer is a bull who has been cut (I have young readers, so I am being a little vague here) before reaching maturity. A heifer is a female cow who has never given birth. Who knew?

This last discussion came up around a painting I will post soon, a 15x60-inch painting of a longhorn, that I made specially for my upcoming Texas shows. The artist in the booth next to me had spent his summers working as a ranch hand, and he knew his bovine terminology! 

I had a blast making this painting of the three chickens. The two on the sides are wyandotte chickens, and have amazing rounded feathers, with different colors on the edges than in the middle.  Here's a photo of a gold-laced wyandotte: 

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MY HUSBAND PETER has adopted a new way of dressing since moving to Virginia. I happen to love it - and I also think it's a scream. I sent a photo of Peter in all his sartorial splendor to my friend Kevin, and while he liked the outfit, he said it reminded him of something his mother used to tell him: There's plain, and there's fancy; you want wear one of each, or two plains, but never two fancies! 

I cheer my husband on for wearing two, three or even four fancies!  

Dog of the Day

Think it's Jojo? (Click here and scroll down to see Jojo) It's NOT!
 It's Maggie, who lives down the street, and who we like to call "the fake Jojo."

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