Thursday, June 11, 2015

Barn on a Hill - and Photos from the Road

Barn on a Hill
Oil on canvas, 24x24, $650
Please contact me for price and delivery options

This painting, based on one I did a few weeks earlier, is an experiment, my first painting with gold leaf. Having the soul of a crow, as I do, I am drawn to bright and shiny things, and so I am interesting in trying all sorts of stuff with gold leaf. I have ideas! 

You can see this painting at the Columbus Arts Festival, Friday through Sunday, in, you guessed it, Columbus, Ohio.  I'm looking forward to the show, though the tales of wind and disaster do have me a little spooked. I will weight my tent, tie it to the bridge (yup, my booth location is right smack dab in the middle of the bridge) and I will hold tight and think good thoughts. 

HERE ARE SOME PIX from the road 
Yes! I stopped at Antique Archaeology, home of Frank, Mike and Danielle and the TV show "American Pickers." It was pretty cool to see the store, and to recognize some of the picks I've seen on the show. I was disappointed that there was not more old, real antique stuff to buy, though. Most of what's for sale is promotional items for the show. Still, it was fun! 

Here's Carole, the wife of Jon Wool, a childhood friend of my brother, and a childhood bother for me, older sister. Jon has grown into a very sweet adult, and Carole and I hit it off right away. I had a great stay with them! 
Grinnell, Iowa, was a very pretty town, with a downtown that made me remember my childhood in New London, CT. 

And, really. Nice Avenue? What Cheer? Fun! 

Dog of the Day
It's Tedi! He belongs to Gregory Wool, son of Jon and Carole. But Gregory is in Thailand for a few months, and Tedi is staying with Jon and Carole. He is a great dog! And he slept with me the two nights I stayed with them. Don't tell Jojo. 

A Final Thought

"To love and live with a painter means marveling at the space 
between the things they see that you cannot see, that they then make." 

- Elizabeth Alexander

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