Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Rainbow Marsh, Happy Buyers & White Squirrels

Rainbow Marsh
Oil on canvas, 36x48
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I took a lot of chances with this painting of the salt marsh near our home. I had an idea to do one thing - a bright lower sky, very smooth, with a not-smooth dark upper cloud moving in, over a marsh thick with grass and movement and colors. 

But my original idea just didn't look right, so I went into that smooth sky and stirred it up. I added more paint, I juddered and jittered the knife. I added a path of broken color. I made one part of the foreground bright and rich, and the other soft and less brightly lighted. And then I began scratching. I scratched the heavy clouds in the upper right corner. I scratched the trees on the hummock. Here and there, I scratched the grasses. 

And I ended up with a painting that I think is maybe the strongest I've ever done! What do you think? 

PARADISE CITY in Northampton, MA, was an excellent show for me, one of my best ever. Happy people bought happy paintings! Many friends and collectors came to say hello and see my new work. It was busy and rewarding and fun. 

Summerfair, in Cincinnati, was not as good a show for me, but it was not a disaster, either. I met lots of very nice people, friendly and supportive. The show itself was beautiful! 

This weekend, I will be in Omaha, and next weekend, Columbus. I'm excited about both shows... and about our daughter's wedding, the weekend after Columbus. What a busy summer! 

Check out my new Happy Buyers page by clicking here. If you've bought a painting from me and I didn't take a happy buyer photo of you, please have someone take a shot of you with your painting, and I'll post it on the Happy Buyers page! If you buy a painting from me and I seem to be forgetting to take the photo, please remind me! 

The White Squirrels of Olney, Ill. 

I had heard about this place, but forgotten until I ended up there, to pick up new weights for my tent. Then I saw the sign welcoming me to the Home of the White Squirrels! Wow! I got some postcards, and then the woman at the gas station said that she often saw the squirrels just over there (a nod of the head). I thought I might have to spend half the day waiting for the squirrels to show up - but no! I pulled the van over, and lo and behold, white squirrels! 

Dog of the Day 

The Cincinnati show prohibited dogs - but a few got in. This cutie was with a woman who'd broken her leg and was in a wheel chair. 

A Final Thought

"If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got."


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Sara said...

I'm really enjoying following the progression of your paintings. I love this seems like a celebration to me!