Saturday, July 4, 2015

Burger, Berry and Pie - and a Way to Get Prints

I have no prints in my tent at shows.                                                                                                                                                To my mind, the surface of my paintings is so important to the character and impact of the painting that prints are sort of self-defeating. Also, I've never seen prints with the depth of color that my paintings have.  I always have $100 paintings that are 10 inches by 10 inches. In most shows, these paintings are less expensive than many people's prints - and they are original art.                                                                                                         But still, I recognize that many people can't spend $100 on art. So I'm trying some things. I made a series of 4-inch by 4-inch paintings that I priced at $40. They have all sold, and that's good - but they are surprisingly time-consuming to make, and I haven't kept up with the sales. I think I need to spend a chunk of the winter painting these, so that I have 200 or more when I start the shows in the spring. I've seen a few artists who have small, matted originals that they've painted on paper, or on canvas paper, and I'm going to try some of these. I am also going to try some prints on aluminum. I will lose the surface texture, yes, but I will get a tremendous depth of color.                                                                                                                      And finally, you can buy prints, notecards and a whole bunch of other stuff on my page on Fine Art America  (you can just click on the underlined phrase, but also, here's the address: 

Do you have any ideas for me? I'm open to hearing everything! 

MY NEXT SHOW is in Wickford, RI, July 11-12 (that's next weekend). The Wickford show is a wonderful event. It's all fine art, so it's a different sort of show, and attracts a different group of artists. I'll be on Elam Street, one of the small side streets. 

Wickford is an adorable little town, and while the art show might not be the very best time to visit the shops and restaurants, you can still get a good idea of this lovely New England spot. 

Dog of the Day
What a cute dog this was! I met him at the Norwalk Arts Festival, during one of the non-rainy moments. I met some nice folks, and did sell a painting, but the rotten weather really had a big impact on the show. Bummer.

 I did get my picture in the paper, though!  (click here to see

A Final Thought

"Do not fear mistakes - there are none."
                  - Miles Davis

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Unknown said...

Good luck in RI - hope the weather, and the crowds, are GREAT!