Monday, October 5, 2020

Blue Jay

 Blue Jay / oil on black canvas / 5x7 / $68 including shipping

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THE SUMMER'S HUMMINGBIRDS left on Thursday. I put new nectar out at the start of the week, and I saw hummers at the feeders through Wednesday, and then - none. 

They were my friends and companions here all summer, humming around my head, entertaining me with their antics at the feeder, amazing me with their speed and agility. 

How I miss them! 

Saturday is the one-year anniversary of Peter's death. When the hummingbirds left, it felt like they took summer with them. When he died, it felt like he took everything with him. 

So I am going away, with my friend Carol and her mother, to a clean Air B&B where we stay every year during the show in Crozet. There's no show, but we had the reservation, and so we are going anyways. He would be proud of me. 


A Final Thought

 Thank You

If you find yourself half naked
and barefoot in the frosty grass, hearing, 
again, the earth's great, sonorous moan that says
you are the air of the now and gone, that says
all you love will turn to dust,
and will meet you there, do not
raise your fist. Do not raise
your small voice against it. And do not
take cover. Instead, curl your toes
ito the grass watch the cloud
ascending from your lips. Walk
through the garden's dormant splendor.
Say only, thank you. 
Thank you. 

- Ross Gay

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