Thursday, March 4, 2010


Evolution I, II and III
Oil on canvas, 12x48 each

I've had a ball with these paintings these past few days. I have loved making them, and thinking about them. I've gone to sleep with these paintings in my mind and woken up with them still there - but somehow, changed.

Honestly, I can't say what, precisely, has me so fascinated. I do know that the colors are really lovely and rich and luminous. I do know that there is a very cool rhythm to the paintings. I know that they are new, and fresh and different.

I really like the white space. From my first trip, to Wisdom, Montana, I have liked leaving white space in a painting. It forces the viewer to engage with the painting in a very active way. How would that viewer finish the painting? Or would she leave it? What was the painter thinking about when she left the white space? Why is it there, and what might be there instead?

That white space also defines the rest of the piece as art, as something made by a human hand, and it does this in a sure and unwavering way that I like, and a way that draws contrast to our surroundings, too.

I hope you will click on these to see them larger. And even more than that, I hope you will come to the Wallkill River School between March 7 and 31 to see these pieces in person. And if you're available on Saturday, March 13, any time between 5 and 7 p.m., please come to the opening. The Wallkill River School is located at 232 Ward St. (Route 17K), Montgomery, NY. See for directions and more information.

If you are interested in buying one or all three of these pieces, please contact me and we can discuss price.


JRonson said...

Nice evollution, the result is awesome :) someday i will paint a cenarium like that :b good work, very inspirin

carrie jacobson said...

Thank you, JRonson. I went to look at your blog, and I like your work a lot. No need to paint like me - you paint fascinating stuff, all your own style.