Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Know Something About Love

I Know Something About Love
Oil on deep-cradled canvas, 12x36, $200

These days have been a gift of spring, and I have come alive again. I have painted without a care, without a thought, warming in the sun like a turtle on a rock.

I worship in the cathedral of the outdoors, and pray with words as bright as colors, as loud as birds singing on the wind.

Here are some disconnected bits:

I got into the Mystic Outdoor Art Festival! This is very exciting for me, as it is a festival I've seen nearly all my adult life - and never dreamed I'd be accepted.

Also, the Paradise City Festival in Northampton, Mass., is fast approaching, and I received a magazine that the promoters send out. Yikes, the work is fabulous! That festival is May 29-31. I'll let you know more about both when I know more.

"Range Rovers," which many of you received as a blog post just a few days ago, I painted for the February show at the Lighthouse Gallery. I don't know why my posting was delayed for a month. On a similar note, three Christmas cards and a invitation to a January show, all dated Dec. 23 or 23, arrived in the mailbox just last weekend. The postmistress has no idea what could have happened.

Time warp, anyone?

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Patrice said...

This is a wonderful painting! I clicked to enlarge to get a better look at the water. Very impressive!

Congrats on getting in to the Mystic show! and a very happy spring to you. A day of 70's brings total renewal...

Ha ha ha... time warp... yes - I'm sure that's the deal. When we get back to our futures, we'll all find we're rich and famous and sought after by the most prestigious galleries...

dang! I'm having a terrible time typing because BigFatRedCat is blocking the keyboard with his giant self. I've already backspaced a zillion timees! oops. And now Elvis just came in from the rain and they're planning a spat to see who get the (formerly) dry and warm lap.

And back to the dratted commission...At least with the rain today, I won't be tempted outdoors.