Sunday, March 28, 2010

Little Cat

Little Cat
Oil on canvas, 12x12. Contact Contact Lori at Center Framing and Art (860-233-7804) for price and delivery options

All sorts of good news to report this morning! 

First, the sales of the giant cow paintings have gone through. I think there were spouses involved who had not seen the paintings - but when they saw them, they loved them, and so, yay! And thank you to all who sent good vibes out there into the universe for me. 

Second, at least one piece of mine was accepted into a juried all-animal show at the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore! 

The first year I entered juried shows, I got into every one I tried. "Oh, this is easy," I thought. 

Yeah, right. Or as my 8-year-old self would say, "Like fun." 

The second year, I got into none. Not one. I was roundly rejected everywhere. 

I stopped trying for a while. And why not? I was having solo and two-artist shows, I was selling in galleries and on line, and every rejection from a juried show sent me into a spin, much as I tried to ignore it, and though I know (and still do) how absolutely arbitrary the selections are. 

But I've started applying again, and while rejection is still far more of the picture than acceptance, it's not the entire picture. 

And speaking of pictures, here is another in my "is it finished?" series. I got the painting of Audrey Heard's Little Cat to this point and stopped. At first, I thought it was finished as it is. But the response has so far been universally "no." Not finished. People want the rest of the face - and I think I do, too. And perhaps a dark blue background to help make those eyes pop. 

What do you think? 

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Jill said...

OK, I'll be contrary. I think this one is finished. I really love it in fact. I would like see it in real life to see whether there is a difference vs. on the computer, but I really like it a lot exactly like this. :)