Friday, June 25, 2010


Near Brackley Beach, Prince Edward Island
By Carrie Jacobson

Road to Nowhere
By Heather MacLeod
Watercolor on Arches paper

On Prince Edward Island, Heather and I found a long paved road to absolutely nowhere, and about halfway down it, we stopped to paint. I was at the back of the van, and she was sitting in the open side doorway of the van, and we painted the same scene.

You can see that it’s the same scene, but because of how we paint - and who we are, and what we bring to painting - it’s different.

This has started us thinking about some things that might be fun.

Perhaps, we could set up on a busy street somewhere, side by side, easels pointed in the same direction, and paint entirely different scenes - different from each other, and different from what was in front of us.

When people came by and asked if they could peek, we’d say sure. When they asked what we were painting, we’d say, “Well, this,” and gesture generally in front of us. When they asked why we had different scenes (an elephant and Hawaii, perhaps) we’d say, “We don’t,” or “I guess everyone sees things differently.”

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