Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flowered Path

Flowered Path
Melville, Nova Scotia
Oil on canvas, 8x10

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Throughout Canada, Heather and I saw wildflowers like nowhere I've ever seen them.

Lupines massed in ditches along the roadsides. They piled up driveways and, near Margaree Forks, swirled in purple waves in a couple of huge fields.

We saw acres covered with daisies, so white it looked like snow.

Clover bloomed everywhere, white clover and pink clover and extra-giant, extra-pink clover. We saw dandelions and buttercups, and clouds of light-blue wild iris.

It made me think again about the will to survive, and to thrive, and how that will runs in the DNA of everything on the planet. It's all too easy for me to forget about it, and to mire myself in what I can't do, and why I can't do it. But there are those wildflowers, blooming away, bright and pretty, hoping to attract the eye of some bee or some bird - and aren't we all programmed to do that, somewhere deep in our core?

On Nova Scotia, near Five Islands, we saw something that looked like wild delphinium, blue as the sky, and spiky but soft, growing at the side of the road. We saw a guy weed-whacking and stopped to ask what it was.

"I call it 'weeds,'" he said.

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