Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spring Field

Spring Field
Oil on canvas, 16x20
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Last summer, I had a show for the month of August in Denmark, Maine, and was lucky enough to stay there for a couple weeks. Each day, I went out and painted, and replaced a dry painting in the show with a fresh plein-air piece. It was fun, it was a challenge - and nearly all of them sold.

So I decided to do the same thing at Paradise City. I made two plein-air paintings, and did one live demonstration, painting a yellow lab on Monday, in front of the booth.

None of these paintings sold, but I like all of them, and I like that I did all of them.

This whole thing is an experiment, and if I push myself hard enough, the experiment becomes a sustained journey of discovery - artistic discovery, philosophic discovery, self-discovery. I feel grateful to have all of this at a time when discovery could be nothing but a distant memory.

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patrice said...

Oh yeah - this is wonderful..