Monday, July 26, 2010

Cowscape in Progress

Cowscape in progress
oil on canvas, 36x60

Friends delighted me today, buying two paintings, commissioning another, and amusing me with insight.

A friend from my youth bought "Canada Rocks," after returning a couple weeks ago from a vacation to Maritime Canada (we missed each other there by days!)

Another friend, one of the very first followers of this blog, wrote (about the second sunflower painting), "Dear Carrie, you have finally broken me. I must have this painting!"

And a third friend, another unemployed journalist, commissioned me to make a painting of his cat, to give as a present to his wife.

Galen McGovern, a friend from my last newspaper job, made me laugh out loud with the first line of her newest blog post: "Most of what I've learned I've forgotten," a sentiment I've felt, many times in my life.

I spent much of the day working on this big cowscape. The photo here is bad, I know, but you can get an idea of the painting. It is too large to lug outside for in-progress photos, but I should be finished with it tomorrow or Wednesday, and will get Peter to help me carry it downstairs for a good photo. But many of you asked for an in-progress shot, so here you go!

Friends and strangers, followers of this blog, thank you always for your support, financial, spiritual, philosophical. It means the world to me.


Patrice said...

Congrats on the painting sales!!!

The cowscape is looking good, too.

We finally got a big loud thunderstorm to drop 25 minutes worth of rain while I was at a friend's for dinner (my closest neighbor.) When I got home, Freda, my terrified of storms dog (who I put in the house, in the bedroom, with one of her kitty pals) had torn out part of the sheetrock wall trying to hide from the thunder...

Brandon said...

This is a great looking painting so far Carrie. The bright colors really bring an energy to it. It looks like there is a glare from the flash or light in the photograph, but I actually really like the way it brightens up the purple water. :)
Your painting and style is very encouraging.


carrie jacobson said...

Thanks, Brandon. It's a horrible photograph, but I am close to finishing the painting, and will shoot it in daylight very soon. I'm quite excited about it!