Sunday, July 18, 2010


Oil on canvas, 12x12, $300
Please email me if you'd like this painting, or if you'd like me to do a painting of your pet! 

Well, the Art on Groton Bank show went by with nary a sale for me, but somehow, that was OK.

I helped Audrey Heard and the AOGB committee put the show together. My role was small, but it was good to know that I participated. It made the day richer.

For lots of reasons, it felt like a day to celebrate. The sun was out, a strong breeze blew, summer baked us all at the top of the hill, and I looked back and looked ahead, and felt hope and regeneration and the power and beauty of art.

I felt as though I planted seeds on Sunday. I talked with people about paintings large and small, about pet portraits and landscape commissions and other paintings I plan to make from photographs of Canada. Only two of the hundreds of people I invited came - but two people came! That's more than none, and I will be forever happy and grateful for their presence.

In the absence of people I know, I met many, many new people. I had excellent conversations. I made inroads to a couple friendships. I met people who loved my paintings, and had come to AOGB to celebrate art and community and creativity.

I suppose I should feel bad about the day, but I don't. I feel protected and successful and pleased. If that makes no sense, well, it makes no sense. But it is fine.

Thank you for reading, and for all of your support on this journey.

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