Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inlet, Old Lyme

Inlet, Old Lyme
Oil on canvas, 18x24
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I've been itching to get to the boat launch ramp in Old Lyme, a place I love to paint, and I finally made it out there yesterday, and did it feel great!

I've painted this place often before, and have usually used a panoramic-type of canvas in a one by three ratio - 8x24, 10x30, etc. This time I tried including more sky, and it gives a totally different feel to the scene.

I painted fast, I tried to paint with sure strokes, I tried to make the canvas feel as open and sun-soaked and brilliant as the day. It was what my soul needed.

I have encountered an absolutely great idea, and am about to embark on it, and would love input from you all. I saw a story about a guy who is planning on painting 100 10-inch by 10-inch paintings, and selling them each for $100 - and the notion just captivated me.

I can't completely explain my fascination with this idea, but the minute I heard about it, I knew I had to do it.

I spoke with Chris Rose, who runs the Lighthouse Gallery, about the idea, and he pushed me to take it a step further. Maybe do 100 paintings as linear pieces, a road, a beach, a journey. Maybe get 100 dog photographs and use a mosaic program to arrange them so that when they are all together, they make an image of a big dog - or a cat. Maybe use one large palette knife only, on all the pieces, or limit myself to one or two colors.

At any rate, I have a lot of ideas going around in my head - and I'd love to hear from any of you, if you all have ideas, about subjects or approaches or limits - or any other part of it. I think this is such a fun project!

Start planning now, why don't you, to go to the Paradise City show in Northampton, MA, over Columbus Day weekend! 

This will be my first fall Paradise City show, and I am pretty excited about it. It's in the same place as the spring show, Three County Fairgrounds, 54 Old Ferry Road (that's for GPS purposes), Northampton, MA. I will be in Booth 407, in Morgan Building No. 2... You can get more information on the show by clicking here to go to the Paradise City website.

Jacobson Arts is located in beautiful Gales Ferry, CT.


SLR said...

I love that idea and it morphs into a million more. Painting the same spot,same time of day for 100 days might be another approach. Obvious limitations would be scheduling and time frame. Your decision will difficult, there are so many possibilities and yet you bravely ask for suggestions.

carrie jacobson said...

Hey, SLR, thanks for the input. I did think about same spot, same time of day, but I fear that my life will get in the way of that. (I have a day job on top of painting). But I haven't completely tossed that idea out, either.

I am hoping that clarity will come and smack me around a little, and soon! I am itching to choose a path and start...

Keep the suggestions coming!

SLR said...

View from the bed first thing in the AM...this time of year, lots of darkness. Hey now there you go, from dark to light. You'll probably just start painting and after a few squares the idea will gel-perhaps not any way you thought either. One does get really itchy to start-like prepping to jump in in double Dutch. This might be the opportunity to focus on an entirely new, surprise to you, subject or color.