Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blue Sunflowers

Blue Sunflowers
Oil on canvas, 30x30, sold

My sister and I were talking this morning about the life of my paintings, and how that life continues after the painting is finished.

Part of it is that these paintings go out to people's homes, and into people's lives, and change them. My paintings, most of them, do not settle quietly into rooms. They announce themselves, and alter atmospheres.

I love thinking that someday, the person who bought this will be feeling blue, and will walk through a room and see this painting, and everything will change. The gloom will lift, and possibility will present itself - and misery will once again seem optional.

For me, too, the life of the painting continues long after the painting is finished. This one builds on that one, this stroke I found in one painting becomes the basis for an entire painting down the way. The thoughts I had while I was making one piece become the background of another, and each one informs all that follow, and takes from all that have been.

There are so many miracles involved in this. No wonder I wake up every day, wanting to paint.

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Unknown said...

Hi - interesting to be inspired by your painting. I dreamed last night of the most beautiful enormous blue flowers (like a sunflower mixed with a morning glory) and when I came across your art I immediately felt a connection through the colors and idea. I am currently answering the call to exhibit my own creativity - as opposed to repressing it for some other life. Thanks for the inspiration.