Sunday, April 8, 2012

Salt Marsh Mosaic

Salt Marsh Mosaic
Oil on canvas, 10x10, $100

Easter morning, I awake filled with the hope of reinvigoration, renewal, rebirth - and I realize that I wake with that sense every day. Awake feeling that, yes, this is a new day, full of promise, full of possibility.

Maybe this is why I wake so early. I want to see this day begin, be in on it from the start, watch the sun come up on all that could be. I wake every day with hope, and happiness, and the thought that today, I might get to paint!

So happy Easter to you all, believers and non. May you be blessed with a hopeful spirit and a belief in possibilities, today and every day.


SLR said...

That's quite a gift, waking up with enthusiasm and a bright expectation for whatever the day has in store. SLR

Tony Bacewicz said...

As another visual artist, it's wonderful to watch your continuing evolution. I'm limited by what my eye and camera lens can see. I love seeing the colors and form that your spirit feels on canvas. Good luck with the 100x project - what a great idea!