Saturday, April 7, 2012


Oil on canvas, 12x12, commission

This morning, I was out later than usual with the dogs. It was 7:30 or so, and the sun had had a chance to rise above the treetops and was warm on my back, even though the air was cold. I love that feeling - a light in a dark place, a song in cacophony.

I have been thinking lately of risk, and the power that comes with taking risks. I think there's something there, something big. I think that taking a risk forces you to put everything that you have on the line, to make the risk pay off.

I might think I do this in real life - but the truth is that I don't. Given the choice, as long as it is cool outside, and I know it, I will stay in and wait for the day to warm. As long as there is safety, and shelter and the luxury of routine, I will stay put, even though it might look otherwise, to people around me, and even to myself.


Come on, admit it: You want a portrait of your pet! They're fun, they're bright, they will make you smile. 

All I need to get started is a photo and a downpayment.  Portraits start at $350, and there are all sorts of payment options, including payment over time, and barter! Drop me an email at, or call me at 860-442-0246. 

Want your significant other, or your kids, or your parents give you a gift certificate for a pet portrait? Send  me their email and I'll make the suggestion! 

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