Monday, April 16, 2012

Wallkill River School Reception

It was a real treat to see Mary Muegle Sealfon at the show! 

Lita Thorne looks fabulous standing in front of my paintings! 

The show was very well attended! 

Sherry Svec, recovering from double knee replacement (!) came to the show,  and found her old friend Gittel Evangelist there, too. We all worked at the Times Herald-Record at one point or another. 

I am so lucky to have friends who support my work

Howard Garrett told me I am his favorite painter! 

Love the rays of light bouncing on the wall, yes?
Whew, this was a busy weekend! Got up early as usual on Saturday, worked for a few hours on Patch, then I drove to Montgomery, NY, for the reception for "Dreaming in Color," my show with Shawn Dell Joyce.

On the way, I dropped off that big sunflower painting at the gallery in West Hartford, and am happy to report that Lori, who runs the gallery, was pretty pleased with it.

Many friends came to the reception, and it was a joy to see them.  And I met new people, too, who loved my work, and enjoyed watching my demonstration.

Afterwards, I stopped briefly at a reception for three artist friends of mine at the Wolfe Den gallery around the corner - it was a big night for art in Montgomery! - and it was a delight to see them and their extraordinary work.

Then I drove home, and got up early Sunday to work for a few hours on Patch, and then clean house frantically for an event that was scheduled to take place here long before I knew the reception would be the previous day!

But we have a clean house now, and I got some sleep last night, and with any luck, will have the chance to paint today.

To all of you who came to the reception at the Wallkill River School Gallery, thank you. And to all who thought of me but couldn't make it, I am grateful for your good wishes. The support of all my friends, and family, and the followers of this blog mean a great deal to me and my continued success!

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