Saturday, August 23, 2014

Turquoise Longhorn - and a Good Decision

Turquoise Longhorn
Oil on canvas, 15x60, sold

I can see autumn coming now, even in these hot and humid days. A certain brightness has gone from the leaves and from the grass. The greens are deeper, more dry, less rich, less lush. The light seems to have changed, as though a little sparkle at dawn has been replaced by something more serious, more soft. And even in the most scrupulous gardens, the weeds seem to be winning. 

Autumn is out there, on the horizon, and in this low, flat place, you can see it, if you look hard. 

I will welcome it, the change, the coolness, the sharp breeze that will rise off the ocean. I will welcome the slow and subtle changing of the colors here, and the chance to go north and paint the riot of autumn in New England. I will be glad to wear long pants and sweatshirts, and to try a new spate of autumn shows, here and there, and maybe even in Texas. 


I DID INDEED pull out of the show in Pittsburgh, and I am glad I did. I slept much of Thursday, and some of Friday, and by today, I'm feeling like myself. 

I had not factored in the emotional stress of Sam's death; that explains a lot to me about my oddly deep fatigue. 

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone, and the support. 

THOUGH I DID pull out of the Pittsburgh show, I've added the Brandywine Arts Festival, Sept. 6-7, in Wilmington, Delaware. This was a fun show to do last year, in a very pretty place, and I'm looking forward to doing it again. 

Dog of the Day

I met these guys at a Wawa in Dover, Del., on my way home from Montauk. What you can't see is that there's a fourth one. These three just stepped all over him, until eventually, he stuck his head up between the legs of the one standing on the window frame. After I took this photo, I had to stop, because that dog had climbed up onto the window frame, and had his front legs on the mirror. All four were wriggling and wagging and begging to be petted. They were so funny! 

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