Friday, April 7, 2017

Uncloudy Day

Uncloudy Day
Oil on deep black canvas, 36x36

The smell of new-mown grass blew sharp and sweet on the wind yesterday, and this morning, the dark scent of the marsh spreads softly in the crisp dawn air. Dandelions brighten our lawn, and around town, forsythia seems to explode in bursts of brilliance, while pink and white trees trail petals like lace on their limbs and on the ground below. 

People are working on their boats, cleaning and shining and polishing, and we've heard that flounder are already running. Piles of sticks and leaves and brush and pinecones stand on lawns, and at the edges of the roads, and JD and John will pick them up, maybe this week, or maybe next, depending on when they have the time, and room in the ancient town truck. 

Bluebirds are building a nest at Pat's house, and the laughing gulls are here already, cackling away. Our azaleas are budding scarlet. I am hopeful that my lilac bush might bloom this year for the first time. 

I'm loving painting flowers, and coming alive as spring comes to the Eastern Shore. 

Stuff I've Seen
It's a little hard to make this out, but it is a giant sculpture of a road runner, in Las Cruces, NM. It must be 40 or 50 feet long! This was as close as I could get. 

If you see a cool, or strange, or heart-warming sight, and would like to share it with readers of The Accidental Artist, please send a jpg to me at

Dog of the Day
It's Batty, who lives with Blanco and Shadow, and 
my friend SaraBeth, in Tucson. She's a sweetie! 

A Final Thought

"Art is to console those who are broken by life." 

- Vincent Van Gogh

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