Sunday, June 7, 2020

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron / Oil on black canvas / 5x5 unframed / $68 includes shipping


MY BROTHER VISITED this past week. He was eager to see something new, some place new, ride his bike on different streets, escape his home for a while. I was glad to have him, as I have seen almost no one since March. I see Liesl, when we walk the dogs, and the occasional friend here and there. I see people at the post office, and most of the time, it's fine. But it was nice to have someone else in the house, someone to talk with, share meals with, discuss the day. 

We worked to empty the shed I have, and made great progress. With abandon and zeal, we tossed things away, and then we took our time going through boxes of memories, photographs, costume jewelry, things of our mother's, of mine, of mine and Peter's, and things that came from who knows where. 

If I had been alone, it could have been a sad task. But with Rand, it was fun. We talked and remembered, and learned a little about each other, even now, after all these years. 

Here are some of the photos

Here's me and Eric Bryson, going to his prom. 

From left, me, our sister Laurie, my brother Rand

Here's Rand last Sunday. We met for barbecue in Chincoteague, and it was delicious! 

Here's me with a tie-dye chicken made by Diana Davis 
and bought for me by my daughter Erika.

For Today

"Do a little more each day than you think you can possibly do." 

- Lowell Thomas

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